Nov 14

5 Reasons I’m Looking Forward to Water Cay

I’m hosting a trip through Angling Destinations to Water Cay on Feb. 7-14. There are five open spots and here are five reasons I’m looking forward to this trip.

A good sign.

  1. I love Grand Bahama. I’ve been to this island more than any other and I have some fantastic memories there. It is easy to get to and has some of the best bonefishing anywhere.
  2. February is a big fish time of year. Grand Bahama coughs up some really big fish and February is a big fish time on the calendar. This could be where my 10 pounder comes from. While no one can guarantee something like that, I can almost guarantee I’ll get a shot. What I do with the shot is up to me.
  3. The guides. I’ve heard so many really fantastic things about the guides out of Water Cay. It is always good being on the water with a guide who is infused with their local water.
  4. The AD Crowd. I hosted a trip this last year for Angling Destinations and had a grand time of it. We were down in Long Island in 2014 and the group was a lot of fun. I expect the same for Water Cay.
  5. Green Pastures. In February, while the weather might be tricky, the fish should have been rested for a couple months. That means that 10 pounder might be just a slight bit less spooky. That 9 pounder might be a little more forgiving.

If you are interested, contact me at bjornorama@yahoo.com.

Let’s go fishing.

#6 – Bonus Reason:

And all is well with the world.





Nov 14

The Plan, Coming Together – Water Cay, Feb. 7-14

OK, who wants to go fishing?

Specifically, who wants to go look for big fish out of Water Cay, Feb. 7-14?

This is Big Fish water at a Big Fish time of year.

I got to visit Water Cay briefly in 2012 and I liked what I saw. Scott has been going here for a while and has helped develop the lodge there. He has a pretty good view into “The Water Cay Method.

So… Who is in?

Nov 14

The Underground

When I started this blog there were a few blogs around and there were an even fewer really good blogs. One that I always kind of liked was The Trout Underground. Tom is an entertaining writer, a unique voice. To make it even better, he wrote about the place where I’m from. He wrote about the Upper Sacramento and the McCloud. He wrote about guides I knew, even if just a little. Of all the trout-filled places in the States, the biggest trout blog in the WORLD was from my home waters.

Upper Sacramento Sunset

Upper Sacramento Sunset


He wrote a lot. He had regular posts to follow. He had lots of followers and he took time to respond to comments. He was the model. Sure, there was the Chum, but that has always been a tougher room in terms of conversation, although the sheer volume of posting going on over there is astounding.

Tom and The Underground were at the starting gun of dedicated outdoor blogs, pioneering a new way of communicating. I don’t think that is overstating.

It looks like the Underground is going into a winter hibernation, but one it might not come back from. There is fatherhood and work and less and less time (man, that sounds familiar). There is also a metric ton of crazy not too far away convincing Tom it might not be a great idea to publicize his comings and goings too much. Oddly, my name even featured in his court case, which was beyond strange. It is possible Tom and I have met, but if we did it was only briefly, almost in passing, at the Ted Fay Fly Shop. We are not in cahoots.

So, a unique and steady voice is falling silent. I’m saddened by the loss, but glad we got to be here when it all went down.

Thanks Tom. Thanks for everything.


The McCloud.

Nov 14

May My Enemies All Win A Cruise

Cruise ships sound to me like a special kind of hell. You spend all your time on a ship, but you can’t fish off it, it doesn’t have a shallow draft and can’t get anywhere near the waters I really want to be in.

Then there’s the diarrhea. I don’t much care for it, but it seems a lot of people sure do catch it on cruise ships, like the 172 people who just came down with it on their month long cruise on Carnival’s Crown Princess.

Yeah… doesn’t that sound like a blast?

Not for me.

Nov 14

The Post-Game Plan

Let’s be clear, I’m not going anywhere any time soon. This is not an announcement of any kind.

I saw a Facebook post from a friend about a biodegradable urn that would convert your physical form into a tree. Pretty cool idea, really.

I have a different plan for what I want done.

I want to both share some of my special places with my kids/wife and to be a part of those same places. I envision a tour of my most beloved waters with a little bit of my ashes deposited in each place.

  • The Upper Sacramento River – My home water, where I learned to fly fish. Specifically, the riffle just below the Prospect Ave access point. That has been one of the best spots to me and for me through the years.
From April

From April

  • The McCloud River – Beauty and solitude and emerald green waters. Love this place. I think I’d hope to be deposited in the camp waters behind the Ah Di Nah campground.
The McCloud... Upstate California, from a trip in 2011.

The McCloud… Upstate California, from a trip in 2011.

  • The Babine River – There is a hole on the Babine named Strom’s Pool, named after my grandfather. I only fished it once and I didn’t land a fish there, but it would be fitting to leave part of myself there.
My daughter's middle name is Babine... for a reason.

My daughter’s middle name is Babine… for a reason.

  • Grand Bahama – This is where I caught my first bonefish, right behind Deep Water Cay with an independant guide from Mclean’s town.
Bone in GBI

Bone in GBI

  • Belize, El Pescador – My grand slam and my honeymoon. Some fantastic memories.

bks and renee with bonefish Belize

I think if my children got to go on that pilgrimage they should find something they love along the way.

Here’s to hoping they make that trip in 40 years.

Nov 14

From 30,000 Feet

I’m flying back from Philly after a few days of talking to/at/near nephrologists from all over the world at Kidney Week. That’s what I do for my day job. Below me the States I hardly ever visit are slowly passing by. There are no bonefish down there. Not a single one, and most don’t even do so hot on a trout census.

I’m starting to think about where bonefish CAN be found and when I’ll find myself in their general proximity. That’s me at my happiest, being near bonefish. It means I’m somewhere special making special memories, probably with some pretty cool people.

If I was going to put together another hosted trip for 2015, where would you want to go?

My thoughts include Andros, Grand Bahama, Abaco and Christmas Island at the moment.

Who is up for what?

The line is flying.

The line is flying.

Nov 14

Falling Back in Love with Bonefish

An interesting story about an angler falling back in love with bonefish with a trip to Grand Bahama.

One of the most glamorous sport fish in the world is Bonefish, and I fell out of love with those as well. I had fished for Bonefish from the Seychelles off the coast of Africa, Belize, Mexico and the outer Islands in the Bahamas.

I guess it is possible it could happen to me, but I have a long, long way to go.

Read the story… it has a happy ending.

I like this shot for no reason in particular.

I like this shot for no reason in particular. From Grand Bahama.

Nov 14

Save the Bays – Bimini

This is certainly Bonefish on the Brain approved. Maybe not the music, but the idea, for sure.

Nov 14

Scott is back from Water Cay

Scott just returned from Water Cay and again, it was a great trip. In a pretty interesting post, he talks about the “Water Cay Method.”

Fishing at Water Cay is a learning experience for even the most seasoned of anglers. All three of the guides are analytical, good at communicating their methods and have some of the best bonefish eyes I have ever seen. But a warning, if you are the know-it-all type that doesn’t want to try something new, don’t go to Water Cay. But if you want to get better and put some new arrows in your angling quiver, Water Cay should be near the top on your bucket list.

I really do enjoy being out with a great guide, learning new things, putting old things in a new perspective.

Never stop learning.

Oct 14

In praise of the lowly jack

A not-small Jack.

A not-small Jack.

I once heard that Jacks are, by some, considered to be trash fish. This came as news to me. It came as news to be because I had caught a few and pretty much found them to be awesome. They are aggressive. They pull hard. They take a fly readily. You can even catch them on poppers. They are, relatively, plentiful.

Lots of these make for a fun time.

Lots of these make for a fun time.

What, exactly, is not to like?

I dig on jacks. I have devoted whole days in some awesome places just looking for jacks.

The girl and her Jack.

The girl and her Jack.

Maybe they lose some shine if they are something you can go out and catch at will. They aren’t that for me. We are no co-located. When I’m casting to a jack it means I’ve traveled to get there and I’m somewhere I’ve longed to get to.

I’d like to think I’d value the attributes of the Jack even if they were neighbors. They are worthy.