Sep 14

Maybe, just maybe, it is coming into shape

Back in 2010 when I landed in San Pedro it was pouring. It rained, hard, for most of the trip.

My last trip to Hawaii was mostly me getting rained on and not seeing any fish to cast to and just generally getting my ass handed to me.

Last year in Florida it rained every day of the trip, chasing us off the water and soaking us to the bone.



This year I read one facebook update from a friend who had just cancelled his planned Florida trip because it was set to rain every day. I was beginning to think we might get fairly rained out on our Florida trip next week, but a quick glance at the forecast and it looks like we might just have some awesome weather.

That would be nice.

My wife has never been to the Keys… in fact, she’s never been to Florida. So, I’m hoping the Sunshine State can dish up a little sunshine, maybe hold the thunderstorms to a minimum, and give us a few days to relax and enjoy what the Keys has to offer.

Hoping it holds.

Sep 14

Black Death (because it sounds cool)

I dig the black death fly. I’ve tied a few, cast maybe a couple and landed a fish on zero of those flies, but they look kind of cool and, let’s be honest, pretty flies catch more anglers than fish. Still, this is a well traveled fly and has stuck many a tarpon and should I get a shot, I’d like to throw one of these again.


Sep 14

The Florida Blog

If there is a blog that represents Florida, it has to be Skinny Water Culture. They are Florida. There clothing is Florida. The people are Florida. They fish Florida. Florida. Florida. Florida.

I’m not Florida. I’m California (the mountain part, not the beach part), but I have a little Florida crush. As a kid I wanted to be Mel Fisher.  I’m not Mel Fisher.

I’m looking forward to a return trip, next week. Luckily, with SWC, I can head there any time I want.


Sep 14

Broken Things

Man, I can’t really figure out what is wrong with the blog comments. I’m still trying to sort it out… in between the 7 year old and 9 month old and the job and the driving all over and the odd business trip and a wife who has a very big and hard job. It isn’t happening quickly.

I’m still at it, however, just so you know.

Florida is fast approaching and I’m very much looking forward to being back in the Keys and fishing with Dan and Derek.

I have a feeling there will be rushed packing… which will be OK, as I have only half unpacked from my trip to Long Island all those months ago. Somehow I couldn’t bring myself to really unpack, it is like admitting defeat.

So, I’ll continue to try fixing whatever the hell is wrong with the blog on the technical side of things… you just go fishing somewhere, and tell me about it.


Sep 14

This is your brain on GEOBASS

These GEOBASS guys are kind of hardcore. Really, they are the definition of hardcore. They seem to live on the edge a bit, sometimes hanging over it suspended by grit and determination and duct tape.

The latest installment has them going to Papua New Guinea. I fell a bit like an expert about Papua New Guinea as I represented that country at a Model UN conference for a weekend in college, which was mostly an excuse to drink and go to NYC. Beyond that I know they have a lot of different languages, a fair bit of poverty and some fish.

Good thing none of the group are female.

Check out the Costa sponsored goodness:

Sep 14

The Drought

Here in California things are going poorly on the water front. Rivers are getting skinny, or even stopping flowing altogether. Fires are burning all over the place, one near where I used to live.

This is one (of the many) thing I love about bonefishing. The oceans are not drying up. There are a host of things wrong with the oceans… acidification, masses of plastic, over fishing, netting, effluent from the damn golf courses… it is not a short list.

Drought is not on the list.

September is going to be rough in California. Who knows what else will burn down, but the oceans… the oceans are not going to catch fire… probably.

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Sep 14

BTT 5th International Symposium and Art & Film Festival – Nov. 7-8

If you like bonefish or tarpon or permit (and I’m guessing you would say yes to at least one of those), you may be interested in BTT’s 5th International Symposium on Nov. 7-8 (IGFA Hall of Fame and Museum, Dania Beach, FL).

Something new this year will be the Art & Film Festival attached to this event. Now… I KNOW there are some folks who should put something together for this. I’m looking at you Eric and Chris. Art. Videos. Bonefish and Tarpon and Permit?

Hope some of you guys put something together to celebrate the places, people or fish involved.

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Sep 14

Fishing with Martin

I got to fish with Martin Carranza last year in Biscayne Bay and I enjoyed it very much. We fished in the pouring rain, but still enjoyed the time on the water.

Here is another angler enjoying their time with Martin just as much.

Sep 14

My “I’m going fishing dance”

While in Montana I broke into an “I’m going fishing dance” before rowing my wife down the Kootenai.

Luckily, this was captured in pictures.

dancing 1 DSC_0152 DSC_0153

I will likely do a similar dance in Florida in a little under a month.

Fishing still makes me feel like a kid. It makes me happy. It makes my soul content.

If I step back and look at it rationally, it doesn’t make much sense that this activity would give me so much joy. I don’t eat the fish. I don’t get paid to fish. I don’t get any tangible reward from the activity.

And yet… I look forward to every day on the water, be it fishing for sharks off the pier with bait, for 4″ trout with a dry fly on a little creek or a 4 lb. bonefish in a foot of warm and totally transparent saltwater.

I’m even smiling as I think about it.

So, here’s to the irrational joy of fishing. I hope you have it too.



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Sep 14

The Challenge

I may be facing my greatest challenge yet.

At the end of the month my wife leaves one job and will soon start another. In-between there is a week of down time and that week will largely be spent in the Keys.

The Keys = Beautiful

The Keys = Beautiful

The point of the get-away is to give my wife some down time between gigs (she’s a pediatric pulmonologist). She works hard, really hard, and she deserves the break.

So, how do I do a trip to the Keys and not have it devolve into a fishing trip, while still managing to do a little fishing?

Failure would be me sneaking off to fish and leaving her with the baby. Failure would also be me not getting any casts in. I am incapable of being near water and not fishing. It is just not an ability I poses.

The balance… weighted towards relaxing vacation for the wife.

Yes… that’s the challenge.

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