How to cook bonefish

When I look at the search terms that land people here I often see “How to cook bonefish,” or “cooking bonefish.” DON’T.

Don’t eat bonefish.  Really… just don’t do it.  I know some cultures have a history of doing it, and for them, I say “I wish you wouldn’t.”  If you are not one of those people I just say “DON’T DO IT!”

These are game fish that are way too valuable to be eaten.  Go get some Mahi Mahi, go get some carnitas (mmmmm, carnitas) or kalua pig (mmmmmm).  Don’t eat bonefish.  In Florida, they figure that each bonefish, over its lifetime will contribute about $75,000 to the Florida economy, about $2,500 each year.  This is sustainable, catch and release angling.  These are good jobs that value local eyes and local color.  This isn’t cleaning up the puke from spring breakers… these are good jobs.

I read on one message board a Hawaiian decrying tourist money and stating, firmly, that they don’t need any more tourists.  This sounds a little bit like an Alaskan saying there is too much oil or a Nebraskan saying they don’t need any more corn.

If you absolutely MUST cook a bonefish, here is what you need to know….

  • Take a 6″ bonefish (bonefish over 6″ are poisonous and will kill you with the slightest taste) and set aside.
  • Get a kettle of oil and heat to 350 degrees.
  • Put your head in the kettle of oil.

Come on people…

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  1. I never heard of bonefish before… Other than the retaurant. Strange to name retautrant after a food that could kill you. Anyhow, thought you might like a link to backup the poisonous facts. I found this after reading your site.

  2. Bonefish poisonous? Since when. Maybe Florida bonefish are poisonous but I haven’t run across any place else that is. I wouldn’t eat Florida bonefish because, the fishing guides depend on it. Besides, they are too small. If you want some big ones, then you have to go to Hawaii, Wake Island, Kiribatis, or the Marshall Islands to name a few. Rongelap in the Marshall Islands would be a good choice for bonefishing the big guys. Florida is too overfished. Off all of them, Wake Island is the best, but it is virtually impossible to get to fish unless you work there. I have fished it and it is phenomenal! And made fishcake with the bonefish catch. Still alive.

  3. Yup… totally poisonous… so you shouldn’t kill them. Also, Bald Eagles are poisonous. And puppies.

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