Tying for Tarpon

I’ve caught one tarpon in my life at this point. I’ve hooked a few more, but I’ve only landed one. I’ve tied a great number of bonefish flies, but not so many tarpon flies.  Some techniques I have not mastered and almost all the patterns are new to me.  That said, I’ve been trying to get in the groove with my tarpon tying and I’ll bring you into that experience.

First… almost all the patterns are bunny patterns with a little marabou thrown in for good measure. Bunny is just a joy to tie with and the patterns come out looking damn fine. On the down side, I know when I’m out there casting them they will hold water more so that the synthetic materials will. I’ll have to see if that is a real bummer or not.

The desk, set up for tarpon tying.

I have a desk dedicated to tying.  I can close it up and put it away, but these days I’m leaving it open and ready. Thoughts of tying beckon often.

Pile O' Bunny

If you can palmer a bunny strip, you can make a tarpon bunny and since that means just wrapping the strip around the hook… I can palmer a bunny strip.  So… I have a lot of bunny strips.

Another one done


A few of the finished products, ready for Cuba.

An assortment of flies that are ready for Cuba. 1/0 to 3/0 and damn strong hooks. I can’t wait to see some of these spit back at me by fish bigger than my daughter.

I just like the look of these flies.

Now, the fuchsia might be a bit much, but the concept is pretty solid, I think.  I think, but I don’t know.

Simple and Sexy.

We’ll seen in a couple weeks if any of these make the cut.

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