I’m a huge fly fisherman

It is something that creeps up on our sport… the “I’m better than you” kind of mentality. One thing I’ve seen evolving is the distaste for anyone who says they are into fly fishing by using the words “I’m a huge fly fisherman.”

I think it sucks to mock folks for expressing interest in the hobby we all care about. It smacks of that 21 year old fly shop employee who sneers at people who get out a few times a year, even though they themselves had never picked up a rod until two years before.

This guys is a huge fly fisherman.

So… next time someone says “I’m a huge flyfisherman” just say “Cool. I love fly fishing too.” Mkay?

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  1. How do you like, “I love fly fishing, hugely!”???

  2. I love fly fishing, but I’m not really “huge”.

  3. I’d take it.

  4. I’m getting there.

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