2017 – A Preview

2017 should see me back in the salt. Here’s what I have in store (so far as I know).

From Abaco, 2015.

I’m headed back to Belize, this time with my 10 year old daughter for her Spring Break. We are going to Caye Caulker. There will be fishing and snorkeling and general hanging around and enjoying Belize. I’m hoping to get into a tarpon of some kind and to get the girl into some fish without her getting too bored, cause, ya know… 10 year olds. Should be a great trip though.

May sees me at a conference in Ft. Lauderdale and I’m going to tack on a few extra days and try, once again, to get one of those big ocean-sided tarpon. Previous trips have not gone well, so maybe I’m due? I know the odds are the odds and it doesn’t work that way, but I’m hopeful. Could be much of the same crew I’ve done the last two trips with will be back. We’ll see.

Location unknown, but the wife, son and I will head, most likely, to Hawaii in the summer and there, again, I’ll try to catch an O’io. I’m 0/3 when it comes to Hawaii and bonefish… so, again, we’ll see.

Five work trips in 2016 seems an indicator that I’ll be going back some in 2017 and if I am, I’ll likely sneak in a day or two of fishing. Had a great time on my last, very short trip. Looking forward to seeing more of the marshes.

The Bay
There are stripers in the Bay. I plan on catching more of them.

The Mountains
I hope to get up North for one or two trips in 2017 to catch some of those beautiful rainbow trout. Not salty, but home.

That looks like 2017 and I’ll be lucky if I get it all in. Life, as it does, gets in the way of a lot of fishing plans and at this point I’m fortunate to get in as much as I do.

Missing, in 2017, is a trip to the Bahamas. I love the Bahamas deeply, but this mess with the regs has me thinking I may just need some space from it all. I may need to explore a bit more, see what else is out there.

I’m already thinking about 2018… maybe that’s when a Christmas Island trip could happen. Maybe I’ll finally make it to Puerto Rico. Maybe finally fish the bonefishy side of Mexico. There are so many places I’ve yet to dip a toe.


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