Jul 15

Glades Vid Goodness

Friends hit the Glades in this video of sweetness from Skinny Water Culture.


Sep 14

The Florida Blog

If there is a blog that represents Florida, it has to be Skinny Water Culture. They are Florida. There clothing is Florida. The people are Florida. They fish Florida. Florida. Florida. Florida.

I’m not Florida. I’m California (the mountain part, not the beach part), but I have a little Florida crush. As a kid I wanted to be Mel Fisher.  I’m not Mel Fisher.

I’m looking forward to a return trip, next week. Luckily, with SWC, I can head there any time I want.


Jul 14

A little Long

A video from SWC featuring Long Island.

Long is a pretty laid back and special place, unique due to the old salt flats and catering to the wade angler.

Go, if you haven’t already.

Jun 14

Skinny Water Father’s Day

Did you know the good folks over at Skinny Water Culture are having a Father’s Day Sale?

Well… they are.

I love these guys. They really are the real deal, folks who love to fish and love their bit of skinny water. They are Florida, the good part, and while I am not Florida, I can look at what they’ve done and how they’ve done it and give them loads of respect.

My favorite SWC design.

My favorite SWC design.

May 14

The trip I didn’t take

A while back I got an email inviting me to go to St. Brandon’s. I couldn’t go. It just didn’t work. I couldn’t get the time off and I didn’t want to ask my very patient wife do mortal damage to our savings to get me the last minute air fare to get half way around the world.

St. Brandon’s is the place I most want to visit, and I had to turn down the trip. I little piece of me kind of died there and then, but that is life as a responsible adult, something I kind of need to be from time to time.

Happily, someone else (Chris Bladen) looks like he had a similar opportunity and he took it and the story is up in its glory on the Skinny Water Culture Blog.

Damn fine fish.

Damn fine fish.

Oct 13

Why another Grand Slam? Because Merica.

Remember when Derek got a Grand Slam just a couple weeks back? Well, another of the Skinny Water Culture ambassadors did it just a few days ago. This time, it was on a SUP. Chris documented his FL Grand Slam on the Skinny Water Culture blog.

Kiss the girl.

A couple years ago I was in the Miami airport on my way somewhere fishy and I posted that on the blog’s facebook page. I got a message saying “You in MIA? Me too. Where are you?” It was from Chris and so he and I met in the concourse of MIA and talked bonefish for a bit before one of us had to head off somewhere else. It was great to see him get hooked up with the SWC folks and to really come to embrace and rock his new Florida home (he’s originally from Texas).

So, congrats Chris, on your SUP Grand Slam. That’s just awesome.

Jun 13

Chris, a SUP and a Bonefish

Chris gets after it. He’s one of the Skinny Water Culture guys and a passionate Heat fan (so he’s happy today) and he’s been getting after it in a big way.

He’s recently been hitting the water on his stand up paddleboard and he’s been doing pretty damn well on it.

I'll bet that was nice.

I’ll bet that was nice.

Jun 13

The view from other eyes

Thought I’d share a few posts about FL from the eyes of some of the other peeps who were there…

Adrienne Comeau writing at The Female Angle.

Matt Smythe (also known as “The Hair”) writing at FishingPoet.

The Hair

The Hair


May 13

SWC doing it right

Love the stuff coming out of Skinny Water Culture. This sees Chase out in the Bahamas, not in the SWC home waters of Florida, which I’ll be visiting really, really soon, but I love this place too. Hard to argue.

Chase and I do have different musical tastes though.

Feb 13

Fly Fishing Show West

I’ll be at the Fly Fishing Show in Pleasanton today. I’ll be casting rods and spinning reels (that’s what you do when you are looking at new reels) and shooting the breeze with all sorts of people, friends old and new.

I don’t really pay attention to the seminars, I’m really there for the people. These are my people. Half will be dressed as if they are going to hit the water. The uniform will be in full effect. Of course, the crowd will be a bit old, as is normal for these sorts of things.

Basically, I’m going to enjoy myself.

I’ll be sporting my new “Tarponist” shirt from SWC, if you are looking for me there.

Love me some SWC

Love me some SWC