The Rod vs. The Reel

One of my favorites, the Rod vs. the Reel debate with guest blogger Davin from Flatswalker.

However, in my line of work I do get to cast a lot of rods in a lot of price ranges. I also get to watch folks compare their rods and mine. My conclusion: Rods matter. I’ll go farther and say it’s about the most important decision you can make before embarking on a bonefishing trip.

It’s the Rod.

Davin with a happy client in Grand Cayman

And my response, It’s the Reel.

I won’t say that rods aren’t important. Heck, it is pretty hard to fly fish without one. However, when it comes to fly fishing in the salt, I’d focus more on the attributes of the reel than I would on the attributes of the rod.  Here’s why.

Me and the reel doing its thing.