Oct 17

BTT auction has some pretty awesome items

I can’t make it to the BTT Symposium. Wish that was on my calendar, but, alas, life has not put that in front of me (work is firing on all cylinders at the moment).

However, you and I can still browse the auction items for the symposium. It is pretty amazing. Check it out here.

Art. Gear. Get-aways. Guided days on the water.

It is all there and there for a good cause.

Pretty awesome.

Pretty sweet

Mar 15

Bonefish by Eric

Got a care package in the mail (more people could do this, if you want).

The package was a couple of pieces of bonefish art by Eric English.

Awesome. Thanks Eric!



Aug 14

BTT Artist of the Year, Al Barnes

I do dig some bonefish art. The good stuff catches your eye just for a second while you are on about your non-bonefishing day and just for a second you can hear the sound of the wind through the mangroves and feel the deck sway on the current under your feet… just for a second.

Al Barnes is the 2014 Bonefish and Tarpon Trust Artist of the Year.

His work does just that.

hail mary-1

Nov 13

Eric Estrada Has Skillz

I met Eric on that trip to the Keys earlier this year. He’s one fishy dude and he’s also a very talented artist. I felt really fortunate to get to meet him and hear his story. Sorry I didn’t get out fishing with him though.

You can get a piece of his art through his website. One lucky guy just got this piece for his wife. Awesome.

Nice... very nice.

Nice… very nice.

May 13

Etsy goodness

I like the whole idea of Etsy. Real people making real stuff. Some of it sucks, but a lot of it is just fantastic not-from-a-big-box goodness.

I thought I’d highlight a few bonefish related items from Etsy here. Maybe I’ll convert one of two of you into a customer. I have no financial stake, I just like this sort of thing.

A cool bonefish wooden sculpture for $130. Well done, I’d say.



A cool bonefish print called “Off Big Pine” done by Jonathan Marquardt. $60.

bonefish art

I like this.

A cool Bahamian bonefish coin cut into a necklace. This is only $16.

Cool idea.

Cool idea.

People making things. I guess they still do it. Not everything comes off an assembly line and not one of these things has been made by a 3-D printer. I like it.

Nov 12

Bonefish by Dan Sharley

I dig on bonefish art. I have some art up in my house. Really, my new wife had no idea that I would want to put so much fish-related art up and she’s been a very good sport about it all.

I have no found artistic abilities and maybe that is why I gravitate toward the artistic. There is some school of psychology that says we are drawn toward those traits we lack in ourselves. I tend to subscribe to that idea and I can see how that may have played out in my own life.

I saw the art of Dan Sharley over at Midcurrent and I got in touch with Dan to see if I could post up one of his paintings.  He responded and consented, which was very nice of him.  One of these might make a very nice Christmas gift, don’t you think?

I’d like to drop a gotcha right in there.

I asked Dan what he used as a model for these bonefish and here is what he said:

The Bonefish painting, like most of my work, is based on an imagined scene or composition. It’s probably a result of watching way too many fishing shows and reading way too many fishing magazines. Basically, I suffer from fish on the brain. I’ll use photos simply for reference (i.e., fins in the right places, scale shapes, eye color, etc.). The rest is pretty much my imagination at work. 

Great stuff Dan.

Dec 11

Godspeed Marty

Got news last night that Marty passed away.  Marty was a really, really good guy.  He loved fish and the places they are found. He was a real cornerstone of conservation down here in the South Bay. He’ll be missed.

Below is a post about Marty’s bolo from earlier in 2011.

Marty showed me his new bolo from none other than Louie the Fish in Hawaii (Louie and his son guide for bonefish as well).

Nice... carved from bone, I believe.


Looking good Marty!

Jun 11

Corbinian Bonefish

Good looking bit of paint on canvas.  $200 bones gets you as many bones as you can count in this painting.  You might have to look closely to see them, which is kind of how that works anyway. The artist is Peter Corbin. Great looking canvas.


May 11

The bonefish, undressed

This is just cool… skeletal bonefish. This is from the folks at Helter Skeletons.  They have all manner of fish skeletons, delivered to you in a shadowbox (I have no idea how much they cost).




Get some Rise

May 11

Salven Paints Some FIBFest Goodness

Here’s a new Bragging Rights Portrait of Eric Rathbun of Moldy Chum who recently had the opportunity for the ethereal experience while chasing Bones in the Bahamas.

via ” Bahama Bonefish ” Tropical Bragging Rights Fish Art portrait –  Mike Savlen.

That is just pure awesome.  Mike does some really, really good work.  This picture was taken at FIBFest… some really good pictures were taken by Cameron and now one of those has been turned into a pretty kick arse painting by Mike.


I want one.


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