Jan 15

More on boat manners

Scott put together a list of suggestions to be an A-Class flats boat-mate. Included are good things to keep in mind, like:

5.) Center-up on the seat. If you are not in the center of the boat, it makes it harder for the guide to pole. If you want to stand and help search for fish, center-up then too. If it is very windy, ask the guide if it is OK to stand. It may be harder for him to pole in a stiff wind with you standing. If the guide is working harder to pole the boat, it may be more difficult for him to find fish.

See? Good stuff to think about. Check it out.

Cuba Bjorn Casting


Nov 14

Scott is back from Water Cay

Scott just returned from Water Cay and again, it was a great trip. In a pretty interesting post, he talks about the “Water Cay Method.”

Fishing at Water Cay is a learning experience for even the most seasoned of anglers. All three of the guides are analytical, good at communicating their methods and have some of the best bonefish eyes I have ever seen. But a warning, if you are the know-it-all type that doesn’t want to try something new, don’t go to Water Cay. But if you want to get better and put some new arrows in your angling quiver, Water Cay should be near the top on your bucket list.

I really do enjoy being out with a great guide, learning new things, putting old things in a new perspective.

Never stop learning.

Nov 13

Scott’s #1 Fly

Scott Heywood has been doing a series on his top bonefish patterns. He release #1 and it is the Ververka’s Mantis Shrimp.

Scott's top fly.

Scott’s top fly.

I will admit to having none of these in any of my fly boxes. There are so many patterns I have never fished. You have confidence in a few patterns and the only time you switch up is when that isn’t working (which isn’t the best time to see if something different will work) or when it is just so easy that anything will work (those are magical days).

It is amazing how confident I feel when I am fishing a fly I have confidence in, while at the same time I know that confidence is a totally abstract and subjective thing.



Oct 13

Scott’s favorite flies

I’m not the only one thinking about flies, it seems. Here’s a post from Scott Heywood about one of his favorites. He gets pretty deep.

I should love this fly. Afterall, the Shane in Shane’s Psycho Puff is my friend Shane. Still, I haven’t had luck with this fly, but that may be because I don’t fish it often and tend to reach for it when everything else hasn’t worked, which isn’t the best testing ground.

I may need to give this fly a second look.

Jun 13

Some Acklins History… from WW II

I dig history. Heck, I have a BA in history which is almost as useful as a poetry degree. I love reading about WW II and actually just finished The Guns at Last Light.

So, it was with some interest I read Scott Heywood’s latest blog post about a WW II U Boat attack in the Bahamas and how it touched the people of Acklins.

The Way Back Machine

You can learn more about the history of U Boats in the Bahamas here.

Jun 13

A riff on luck

Scott had an interesting post recently about luck. Some guys seem to have it and some seem to make their own.

I’ve been there on days when nothing seems to be happening and on those days it is hard to keep looking, to keep your head in the game. On the flats you can stare at the water for hours and hours and after a bit, you start to lose the belief anything is there.

On the days when the fishing is good it seems like they come out of the woodwork (or mangroves). You see fish and you anticipate seeing fish. Luck is maybe the same as Belief. I mean, have you ever seen Luck and Belief in the same room at the same time?

It works the same on the river. You sometimes just seem to know the fish is there and that feeling impacts how you approach the run, it influences that first cast (which is the most important and the most likely to be successful). When you are having a tough day you can stop believing and it can seep into the physical act, lessening the effort.

Keep your eyes open. Keep the belief. With belief you can get lucky. Without it, you are condemned to plod on toward the inevitable self-fulfilled conclusion.


Looking for fish

Looking for fish

Mar 13

A feel for the islands

Scott Heywood brings some images of Out Island life.

I love this sort of authentic look at the people and places we visit.

Been places, seen things. (photo by Scott Heywood)

Been places, seen things. (photo by Scott Heywood)

Mar 13

A LR Grand Slam

My world view is a little off, I suppose. I hear that Hugo Chavez has died and the first thing that comes to mind is Los Roques.

I’ve never been, but I know plenty of people who have and it sounds like a pretty cool place. Pelicans crashing schools of baitfish and the bones slurping up the stunned fish… yeah, I might be up for that.

Saw a story about a grand slam in the LR over at Fly Paper, Scott Heywood’s blog. One fish stood out… that is one big trigger.

Damn big fish there.

Damn big fish there.

Feb 13

Smooth as Keith Stone

I thought we’d start off the week with a cool little story from Scott Heywood over on the Fly Paper blog.

A day like this is a rare gift. These islands own a hot sun, making wind a constant companion for the bonefisherman. Learn to live with it or quit… it’s your choice. But this morning had dawned calm and it was still dead calm. There was not the slightest exhalation coming off the big island of Andros. These are the kind of days you dream about… a few wispy clouds, a few small thunderheads way off on the horizon and a sea as slick and quiet as a marble slab in a morgue.

Glassy days. I haven’t seen many of those, but I did have one in Belize for my honeymoon. I know the conditions he’s talking about, even if he actually had good fishing that day and I got skunked.  Still, calm days can be really tough. The fish see you from a mile away and the lack of wind, that same wind we curse when it blows in our faces, makes the air bake, and you with it.



Scott’s story is from Andros, which, among all the islands in the Caribbean, is special for the miles and miles of mangroves which serve as a nursery for all manner of species.

Love this place.

Dec 12

Fly Paper’s Small Shudder

Speaking of industry blogs… this is Scott Heywood’s blog, Fly Paper, and he’s the guy behind Angling Destinations (three links in one sentence? I just liked like a boss).

I was now looking for bonefish sign and hoped for a subtle half-tail to betray the location of the fish that had shivered the surface and shattered my daydreams. My senses were alert. I was prepared to decipher even the most subtle of clues. With the bad weather, I was determined to be patient. This could be my only shot today and I was not going to miss it.

Well done Scott.