A plan, coming together

I love it when a trip really starts getting real.



The Gear Fairy came Friday…

  • Redington Predator 11
  • Redington Delta 11/12
  • SA Backing
  • Rio Tropical Clouser 11 Floating

That’s one whole rig just waiting to go to Cuba. (I’ll add that the only part of that which is mine is the backing, so thank you Rio and Redington for the loaner gear).

Also in the Gear Fairy’s bag Friday:

  • Rio Clear Tip Tarpon 11 Int. line
  • SA Mastery Textured 10 wt. F line
  • SA Mastery Tarpon Clear Sink 10 wt. line
  • Orvis Mirage IV with 8 wt. line

Previous Gear Fairy packages:

  • Orvis Helios 10 wt.
  • Mystery Prototype Rod 8 wt.
  • Mirage Reel for 10 wt.

Yes… this is going to be a fine, fine trip.

(Just to make sure everyone knows this… the rods and reels all go back at the end of the trip. I don’t keep any of those.)

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