This Friday I’m packing up the car, attaching the trailer and staring off on a long, long drive which will (I hope) culminate with two friends and I floating down a river I’ve never seen in my raft for three days.

I’ve never done anything quite like this before and that has me full of equal parts excitement and anxiety. There has been a steady procession of Amazon trucks disgorging supplies and bits of gear for a month now and all of a sudden Departure Day is almost here. I feel mostly ready.

I won’t be chasing bonefish, so this is more of a “back to my roots” kind of adventure of the trouty kind. Even so, I just realized I’ve only fished a river like this one a few times in my life… a big, broad, fast tailwater not named the Lower Sacramento. These other Western rivers are different… dry flies while the sun is out just isn’t a thing we do out here in California. I’m much more used to rivers you get in and wade around in where a 60′ cast might put you 20′ up the opposite bank, a river where you consider whether you should have 2 or 3 split shot on (I won’t say euro-nymphing as folks have been nymphing with a tight line out here since the early 1900’s). This trip, this whole thing will be pretty new and very different from my usual trout days.

Exciting. This is where growth happens, right?

I’ll post some pics when I’m back.

Trying to find a fly that would work… spoiler… they didn’t.
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