Aitutaki in FFSW

Just got a new issue of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters (thanks Steve) and I was pleased to see a piece on Aitutaki.  For those of you not familiar, that is an atoll in the South Pacific, a part of the Cook Islands.

The fish there are few in number and large in size.  It isn’t a place you are going to run up the score, but it is a place you stand a good chance of finding a 10 pound bonefish.

The atoll has received a bit of press because of the movie made about taking a local net fisherman and turning him into a fly fishing guide.  There were some big names involved in that project in terms of companies throwing their weight behind it.  There has been a guide working Aitutaki for a number of years that didn’t make it into the movie, but did make it into the story, which was nice to see.  That is Butch Leone, who I did an interview with.

Fly Fishing in Salt Waters is just a solid mag.  You should check it out.

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