Bonefishing noobs

The look is priceless

The look is priceless

Kind of fun to see bonefishing through the eyes of a beginner. I found this article about some folks fishing with the Pinder brothers.

All across the web, fisherman talk about this fish and how addicting it is to hunt the fish. Jeffrey Pinder told us, “My favorite thing about Bonefishing is that it is a combination of hunting and fishing, so there is never a dull moment all day.” This is the truth.
The whole experience is nothing short of a meditation on the water.  So if it is a peaceful break from the busy hustle bustle that is calling, this may be the ticket whether you are an avid angler or a city boy who has never touched a fishing pole.  Whatever way you look at it, a day with the Pinder brothers will leave you with a Bahamian history lesson, new found fishing skills, enough laughs to give your abs a workout, and a zen meditation that would make a monk brew envy.

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