Cheeky Mojo 425 – Color

Cheeky’s first reel, the Mojo 425, went on sale May 17 on Cheeky’s website, www. The $690 Mojo is designed for saltwater fish like striped bass, redfish and bonefish.

via Fly-fishing stuff for the non-stuffy | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram.

A new option for anglers looking for a little color in their gear.  I haven’t held one or seen one, but they look nice.

I think the guys at Cheeky actually contacted me about getting a reel in my testing, but with my full-time job I’m having trouble even getting through the first reel… spare time is in short supply these days (and the sound of a power drill running a few dozen times after 8:00 is not welcome around here).

The price… yeah, it is a little tough… $690… that’s some premium gear.  About twice what I’m paying for a reel these days, but then, who knows when I’m getting to the salt again (whaaaaaaaaaahhhhh).



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