Christmas, the aftermath

Now, there was a time in my life when I’d have lots of fly fishing loot to report out.  This isn’t that time in my life.  My big gift was a couch, which is key for my new single-dad-life.

This year was much, much more about that little girl. She had a blast.  I think she had more gifts than the rest of the family put together, and it was wonderful.  She woke up excited, bouncing up and down.  She marveled at the eaten cookies that had been left out for Santa and she excitedly ran to embrace her doll that Santa had brought her.

It was a fantastic day.

She did well this year.

We did watch the DVD Connect that I got for my dad and enjoyed the footage of Yellowstone and Cuba most.  That was about the most that fly fishing played in my Christmas this year.  My daughter did receive a copy of Olive the Little Woolly Bugger.  That’s promising.

Hope you had a great Christmas and hope you find yourself on some bit of water soon.

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