Dear Santa

Hey Santa, what’s up?  Remember me?  Yeah, I’m doing fine.  I’m actually doing great.  I want you to look over that list of yours and I’m pretty sure you’ll see my name solidly in the “Nice” column.  So… let’s get to the loot.

My wish list this year…

The thing I’d want more than anything is time.  There just is never enough of it.  I don’t live in a place where bonefish are an hour away.  They are hundreds or thousands of miles away and it takes a small pile of money to get there.  I have a few tricks to make the pile of money required smaller, but I have yet to find a way to expand the calendar (or the allotment of days off given to me).  I’d love to get another couple of weeks to chase bonefish. That would be my number one Christmas wish.

Now… let’s talk more material things.

I am still waiting on that Orvis Hydros.  I’m pretty sure I’ve told you about this before.  You taking notes?  Why the Hydros?  Simple… it is as good a rod as the Helios for -$250.  It is light, strong and a fish catching magic stick.

I need a new 8 wt. reel and would really like one or all of the following… a Hatch, a Galvan or a Nautilus. I have been REALLY good, so I’d take all three.

Lastly, if you still have a little room, I’d like Hank’s Place, which is still on the market.  It’s been in a constant state of for sale.

I’d also like to fish with a few people… Shane, Andrew, Jim, Butch and many more of the great people I come into contact with through the blog.

Alright Santa.  Do what you can.  Oh, and if you don’t do right by my daughter I’m going to break your legs.  Kidding.


PS – not kidding about the legs.


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