Everything Fly Fishing TV Should Be – MOTIVFISHING on Animal Planet

Fly Fishing doesn’t always have to be the quiet sport. There is a lot of adventure in the game, depending on how you play it and no one has played it in a more adventurous way in recent years than the MOTIVFISHING crew.

I like flyfishing fishing shows because… well… fishing. However, even one of my favorites like Buccaneers and Bones is a bit stale. OK, that show is like week-old-beer stale, but it is still at least filmed in places I love and there are bonefish. That’s not nothing.

One of my big complaints about Bucs and Bones is it takes something inherently exciting and makes it dull. Piped in reel sounds and iffy casting and a celebration of the good things that come in the greying years. I’m sure Lefty is a great guy and all, but that doesn’t need to be the punchline of every season/episode. I couldn’t even tell this season from the last. It’s like watching golf, but in a really pretty place… and with bonefish.

Enter the MOTIVFISHING crew. Adventure and excitement and suspense and guys younger than 50 and a whole new take on what travel and fly fishing even means.

Fly fishing TV might never be the same again… and here’s to hoping that is true.

I’ll be watching.

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