Flies Flies Flies

After driving from Maine to Logan Airport (which my Garmin had never hear of before, for some reason), flying from Logan to SFO and then driving 2.5 hours East all with my 2.5 year old, I’m tired.  Dead tired.  Really, really, tired.  So, how about some fly tying vids from good ole’ Youtube?!

I’ve been tying a bunch of Gotcha variations.  They are just soooooooo easy.  Seems that about 80% of bonefish patterns vary in materials/look/concept by about 2%.  A Charlie is similar to a Gotcha with is similar to lots and lots of other flies.  Just hope the fish don’t want crab patterns (which I have not started to learn just yet) or epoxy (my efforts to replace epoxy with hot glue or other substitutes have utterly failed not gone well).

You can hear this guy’s dog doing some heavy breathing, which may remind you of a few dozen dogs you’ve met in your life.

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