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I’m going to put up a Guides, Lodges, Outfitters page and so I need to hear from… well… from guides, lodges and outfitters in the bonefishing world.  The page will have regions/countries and will be a listing, with some simple information.

Here is what I’m looking for.

  • Name
  • Where you guide
  • How long you’ve been doing it, been around
  • Contact information (phone, email, website, facebook, twitter, whatever ya got)
  • Rates
  • A photo… of a fish, of you, of where you fish, of your lodge, your boat, your dog, whatever… just make it ONE photo.
  • Anything unique about your fishery… if you close part of the year, if you have special deals, special gear considerations, whatever… keep it real short.

I’ll try to put one of these up a week once I get a few in the queue.

You can send the info/photos to me at bonefishonthebrain (at)

I hope this will make the site a bit more of an actual resource for people looking to plot out their next trip.

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