Happy Holidays Island (ya know… gotta be PC)

Christmas Island is, by all accounts, a really amazing place.

I found this report about a Xmas Island trip… http://tiny.cc/9JuD7

Christmas Island is a place that has everything the bonefishing angler could really want… mainly just a ton of bones with the possibility of a GT thrown in.  However… there are drawbacks… like the 2 days it takes to get there, the charter flight required to get there and cost… yeah, it always comes down to cost for me.  It’s spendy.  If I sold my daughter I could probably do it, but, I’m mighty fond of her.  The girl may only be 2.5, but can already identify a bonefish, tarpon, rooster fish and trout.  She has recently been asking me to tell her fish stories… so… I can’t really sell her off… no one else would listen to my fish stories.

If you make it there, take some pictures, let me know how it went and I’ll throw up a story about it so I can live vicariously through your experience.

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