Hey Santa, this is all I want for Xmas!

OK… I’m ready to write my letter to Santa… know what I want this year.  How about my own private Bahamian Island!?!!

A little stroll through the listings at Private Islands Online reveals… well… A LOT of private islands for sale.  I had no idea this much of the Bahamas was up for the highest bidder.

You can buy Dinna Cay for only $795,000… in the Exumas, 7 acres…

Seven-acre private island situated in beautiful Exuma Land and Sea Park with deep-water access. The island is undeveloped and is well suited for a single family home plus caretaker’s quarters. Dinna is the only small island like this on the market in Exuma, and in a beautiful location near Halls Pond Cay. Motivated seller.


All this could be yours.

I can’t imagine going and buying an island in the Bahamas… OK, I CAN imagine it… yeah, imagining it right now… yup, still imagining it.

Must be “difficult” to actually build a house on something like that… get a work crew there, get power, water… the logistical nightmares must be plentiful and multifaceted.

For that price you could spend about 200 weeks in Los Roques… although the tip at the end would be a real killer.

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