Labor Day Search for Fish

I was going to go bonefishing on Labor Day.  However, when I checked the fuel level on my private jet, it was too low to get me to the Keys, so I scratched the bonefish mission and decided I’d head out in search of the Golden Ghost at a reservoir about 10 miles from my house. No jet lag… another bonus.

The good news was that I found carp right away.  The bad news was that they were under big mats of vegetation with their hoover mouths sucking down plant matter.

OK... now what?

So, they were under there...

Loud “Slups” could be heard, I could see them moving under the rafts of vegetation, but… well… how the hell am I supposed to cast to them?  Clearly, this wasn’t going to work very well.

Talking about “clear,” there was very little that was clear out there on Calero Reservoir…

Clear as mud.

Kind of hard to see a fish that sits on/near the bottom when this is the visibility.

(I should add, I have lots of excuses as to why I pretty much sucked at hooking up with Ms. Carp… the most obvious is that I’m still pretty new at carp fishing and don’t exactly have the fisheries or the fish dialed.)

After searching for carp that weren’t all cozy under a blanket of weeds, I decided just to catch something and catch something I did… lots and lots of somethings.  I can report that the juvenile LMB population in Calero is very, very healthy.

Can you still call them a Large Mouth Bass when they are this size?

I did get a couple bigger than this, but really, they were mostly pretty small.  Still, catching is catching and fishing is better than not fishing.

Yertle the Turtle lives around here, I think.

So, another day of fishing is in the books.  Plans for a Fall bonefishing trip are in the works and hinge on way too many variables to make it actually happen, but the possibility is clearly there that I’ll be fishing before the calendar switches over to 2011.

I’ll add that I have a growing hatred for jet skis.  The near constant sound of a blender without the alcoholic goodness/payoff… well… it makes me hate people that I don’t know.


If I’d actually caught a bunch of carp, I’d probably feel differently… probably.

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