McVay’s Gotcha

I’m not a wizard at the vice.  Mostly, I tie simple nymphs (like the Eng Theng) designed to fool trout and I find that trout are pretty easily fooled when it comes to nymphs (I’m in that “presentation-is-king” school of thought).  To satisfy my bonefish fixation I’ve taken to tying bonefish patterns.  When it comes to bonefish patterns the king (as far as I know) is the Gotcha.  The Gotcha is just a really easy fly to tie and it’s pretty easy to vary an element or two to make it your own.  I tie a lot of Gotchas.  Really, I tie way more than I could really use in the next decade of fishing.  Still… I keep tying them.

Pink Gotcha with some white fox tail

Turns out the Gotcha is McVay’s Gotcha and it has a pretty quirky birth… cab carpet fibers.

There is a tutorial here, at Fly Fishing In Salt Waters Magazine.

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