My Mistakes. Tarpon Hook Setting

I have a feeling I’m not done making mistakes when it comes to setting the hook on a tarpon, but I have a few choice mistakes that are top-of-mind.

I didn’t have a lot/any knowledge about tarpon when I went fishing for them for the first time in Belize in 2010. So, when I got my first eat and I set the hook and the hook stuck I cleared the line like I would for bonefish.

Well… that was a dumb thing to do, as it turned out. The fish was off, and with it my best shot from that day. You keep tight to the tarpon. I didn’t do that. I haven’t done that particular bad move again, but I have pretty much re-trod the tarpon mistakes that most folks make.

Derek Rust's grand slam tarpon. #skinnywaterculture

Derek Rust’s grand slam tarpon. #skinnywaterculture

Mostly, there is just a tad too much trout set in my tarpon set, regardless of efforts and intentions to get that out of my game.

The Gink & Gasoline guys have some good tarpon pointers.

What tarpon setting errors have you made?


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