Objectum: The Art of Bonefish

Popping up yesterday  on a google alert was a bit of bonefish art.  My current fixation on bonefish is pretty broad and includes art, just like it includes t-shirts.  This print is by a guy named Mike Salven.  He lives and works out of Costa Rica and does some interesting work, including immortalizing that big catch of yours (which looks totally ruling, by the way).

Oh, there are so many faces and facets to angling.  That’s one of the great things about it.

Upon seeing this Salven painting I immediately thought of Tim Borski (I’d say they do pretty similar looking work, but I’m no art critic, I just know what I like), who does some pretty good work himself, including doing the art for that pretty frigging cool Able bonefish reel that is benefiting the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust.  Tim has set a standard (if not THE standard) for painting fish for our modern age.  Some good stuff.  Check out his site to see more.

Bonefish Art.

One sweet looking reel!

Needless to say, each of these bits of bonefishy art is more than or equal to an actual trip for me, so they won’t be gracing the walls here in Bonefish Day Dreaming Capital of the Sierra Foothills… but if you have the scratch… art by either of these guys would be nice to stare at when it is gray and 36 outside.

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