Rods for the Bahamas from Deneki

Once again, Deneki Outdoors is dealing the goods.  This time, they dish advice about rod selection.  While I was surprised at the suggestion of a 5 weight, the others sound like the advice offered by the luminaries.  Check out their  suggestions here.

My upcoming Bahamas trip just increased in rod count by +1.  I’ll have an 8.  I’ll have an 8/9.  Now, I’ll have a 7.  I just put the order in for a TFO Axiom 7 weight.  I have a good reel already, I have the line… all I needed was the rod (my 4 pc. 7 wt. was stolen in Mexico and my other 7 wt. is a 2 pc.).  So… now I’ll have the Axiom too.

Hey you, Axiom... want to come to the Bahamas with me?

PS… no, Deneki Outdoors didn’t really suggest a 5 wt., but check out their post to see what they did recommend and why.

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