Sometimes it isn’t easy

Trout and I are on pretty good terms.

Bonefish are my obsession and I’m still figuring them out.

Surf Perch… we don’t get along.

I went out to the surf south of Santa Cruz today… swells were small, 2.6 or so… easy compared to the first time I was there.

See, that isn't so bad.

I wasn’t alone out there… saw a bunch of seals, even a couple dolphins cruising just beyond the breakers.

I was out with my TFO Clouser 8 wt. throwing a T-400 and throwing and throwing and throwing… stripping, throwing, stripping, throwing and every once in a while bracing for a bigger wave.

Ruh roh.

Hold on.

Nut’n. Zero. One grab and that was it.  Two and a half hours and one, unconverted grab.  My line hand was getting to be non-functional and I started losing the line on the double haul.

Oh, Surf Perch, I don’t know you at all.

The surf zone is still pretty hard for me to read and the fish… the fish aren’t visible, don’t show themselves, the structure is merely hinted at by the surf.  With a trout you can look at a run and pretty easily identify where the fish is going to be.  With bonefish you see the actual fish.  Surf Perch… you don’t see anything (or at least I don’t).

Might need to get some help on this one.

I’d rather be fishing for bonefish (or trout, or bass, or carp).

At least I don't have crabs.

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