Dec 17

2018 – A preview

Man… what is 2018 going to throw at me? I have some idea, but I’m sure there will be some surprises in the mix too.

Here’s what I KNOW is happening.

Belize, Caye Caulker, Spring Break. I’m going back to Caye Caulker with my (will be) 11 year old daughter. We liked the trip so much in 2017 we are going back. There will be some dock fishing and there will be at least one day of fly fishing, but there will be other stuff going on as well… more exploring and bonding and whatnot. The whatnot is important for a trip like this.

Hawaii, early summer. We are going back to Oahu and I hope to grab another day on the water with Kenny. That trip last year was just about perfect as well and we are aiming to do an exact repeat of that trip.

Now… beyond that… I’m not too sure.

I have this longing to get back to the Bahamas and may look for some opportunities to do that.

I hope to get a day on the water down in Louisiana again. It would be nice if that were an annual occurrence. I’ll certainly have trips out that way, I just have to figure out how to get the fishing in with the work in a way that doesn’t short-change the work and doesn’t make life any harder for my MD wife than it needs to be, or is fair in the big scheme of things.

I have three conferences in San Diego this next year. I might grab a day to fish down there, although it is pricey to fish solo with a guide, especially if I want to go after the Makos, but, as they say, “we shall see.”

I hope there are more stripers this year and I hope to have a few days of trout-something. I should have two days of camping with my daughter during the summer which should provide a chance to get her on some trout, maybe my son, maybe my wife and who knows what else.

2018 looks to have more business travel than 2017 and I was on the road a fair bit in 2017, but the locations are all North East and Midwest and devoid of bonefish and tarpon targets (sadly).

I love fishing. I love, lovey, love, love fishing, but, I’m also trying to be a good husband and a good father and a good Director of Client Services and maybe a couple other things and so the fishing has to find its place in the mix of all those priorities. It is a struggle to find the right balance. I hope I did a good job of that in 2017 and I strive for in 2018.

Happy New Year to all of you and hope to see you on the water.