Apr 12

The Journey Begins… kind of.

You hear about all those tornadoes in the Dallas area?  Yeah, me too. I was flying through Dallas but figured a) American would let me know well in advance if there was a problem and b) They’d probably clear the planes quickly to fly again.

a – fail

b- not so much

Somehow, it is all going to work out.  I’m now going through Chicago, where I get to sleep on the floor tonight, and tomorrow I’ll arrive in Cancun at 11:25.  I need to meet the crew at the Cancun airport at noon.  So… see? It all works out.

Other good news is that my bag is 48.5 pounds (a whole pound and a half to spare!).  All my reels are in that bag, so that’s good.

If my luggage doesn’t make it, I’ll at least have the rods and reels.  Beyond that I’ll be a bit screwed, but, that’s just a part of travel and life and at some point you have to be optimistic.

Life’s an adventure.

I think I'll take earthquakes over these things.