Apr 16

Cool boat for sale. Memories not included.

I saw Eric was selling his boat, an Ankona 17′ that is super unique.

I got to fish out of that boat with Eric last year. It is a great boat for the back country and I wish I were on the thing right now looking for snook or reds or, god forbid, tarpon. Florida haunts me a bit. This boat was one of the best parts of that last trip.

It just doesn’t get much better looking than this thing.

eric boat

Aug 15

Best looking boat on the water

When I was on that Florida tarpon hunt I had the distinct pleasure of riding around part of the week in the best looking boat on the water. If you’ve been out in the Glades or around Miami, you might have seen it. I’m talking about Eric Estrada’s Ankona.

Check it out.

That is a good looking boat.

That is a good looking boat.

Each boat is built for a purpose and this is built for the backwaters, the skinny stuff. We tried to make this into an ocean-side tarpon boat, but a little water over the gunnels and we thought better of it. It is a thing of beauty. The art, Eric’s original art, is a wrap around the hull, so it can be changed, but I just love the look of it.

May 10

Microskiff and the Ankona Native SUV

I’m going to say right up front front that I know nothing about boats.

Still, I am fascinated by those shallow drafting boats that roam  the flats… they are, often, just beautiful.

I saw a video on This is Fly Daily that was a video review for the Ankona Native SUV.

Now… that boat… the Native SUV… is CHEAP!  The base is $2,900 and the boat pretty well loaded is about $7,000-9,000. I don’t really know how much of a bonefishing boat this might be… probably better for snook and baby tarpon in the back country, but that’s just me guessing.


Microskiff.com is a great source for small boat needs and the video review that showed up in This is Fly Daily is the first video review that Microskiff has done.  They have a lot of great information on Microskiff.com and I’d probably be on the site a lot… if I didn’t live in the SF Bay Area with no conceivable use for a small skiff.

A guy can dream though.