Nov 15

Bass Pro comes to San Jose

I managed to stop by the new Bass Pro Outdoor World in San Jose when i was down to pick up my daughter.

San Jose Bass Pro

This is not a small store. It is massive. It has a bowling alley (although I’m not sure I get the connection). You can find bait fishing supplies, boating supplies, camping gear, kayaks and canoes and, of course, fly fishing gear.

It is so odd to see all the tarpon and tuna and dorado up on the walls in a place that doesn’t have much of any of those things. Still, a pretty fun place to go and look around. There is a big tank with all sorts of fish I’d like to catch.

They even had some Mako boats there that looked pretty sweet, although where you’d fish a boat more suited to ocean-side tarpon fishing than whatever you are going to find in the Bay, I’m not sure (honestly, I’m not sure… where would you take one of these?).

Mako boat

The store is a great thing for those that crave outdoor/fishing gear, but it does make me think about the little shops, like the California Fly Shop, that will likely end up hurt by this, or little Mel Cotton’s. People go from owners to employees. It changes the complexion a bit and it removes a lot of the personality from the experience.

Aug 14

My first trip to a Bass Pro Shop

I understand for some places in the country the BPS where the action is. I’ve just never had one close and I haven’t gone out of my way to visit one, so I’ve never visited one, until today.

My first time

My first time

I had a business trip to Fresno today and on the way, my boss and I stopped by my first Bass Pro Shop.

Good God Man. That place was HUGE. The size of the place was just amazing and the interior was as impressive as the exterior.

I got by boss (he is my boss, but he’s also my friend) set up with a rig so he can go catch sharks with his son in the SF Bay like I do with my daughter. Then I got some hopper flies I can throw at little trout in Montana next week. There were boats and guns and bows and atv’s and more and more and more and more. There was a fly shop inside the BPS, small but serviceable. They had the hoppers I needed.

So much goodness

So much goodness


It was Man/Redneck Disneyland.

It was fun.

So, now I’ve been to a Bass Pro Shop.

I’ll go back, but I’ll also still try to support smaller, local shops when I can. I value the little shops too much.