Jun 12

I caught you a delicious bass

I got some time on the water yesterday.  Headed off for my first trip this year to a little reservoir south of San Jose in search of carp.

I didn’t find a carp… not to cast to, anyway.  I did manage to get a bass and a crappie to hand though. I did see some carp breaching, but they were too far away to get a cast to.

Low water, but still kind of pretty

The water clarity was poor and the water was lower than I’d ever seen it before.  This was not a big winter her in CA and it shows.

After that I went to fish down below a little dam where I know there are some monster carp.  There is a foot bridge going over this little bit of water and you can stand there and watch the carp come up from the depths and roll and then fade.  I’ve never hooked a fish here and I can say today that I’ve still have never hooked a fish there. Those arseholes. Honestly… they are bugging me. I know they are there… but I can’t get them to eat.

I KNOW they are there. They make me kind of mad with their whole “not eating my flies” thing.

Off to the little creek I’ve fished several times in search of little trout.  Before I went up to the hills I stopped by Burger King (I almost never eat fast food) and I got one of the new Memphis Pulled Pork Sandwiches. I add this detail here because I will feel like I’ve done something if I can keep someone out there from eating one of these truly hideous packages of crap. Don’t do it.

As I drove along the creek my heart sank. There was almost no water in it. I didn’t even get out of the car. I have no idea how the little fish will survive this and I don’t think they will.  It isn’t even August yet.

Such is urban fly fishing down in the South Bay. Hope you had more luck than I did last weekend!

Bass… but I bet you knew that already.

Sep 10

Bass’n isn’t bonefishing

I got a gifted couple of hours today to hit the local reservoir. I was in search of carp and quickly found them.  Sadly, again, I found them under mats of plant matter, totally unfishable (at least to my meager carping skillz).  So, I started looking for some bass.

Now, I know bonefish are bass are worlds apart.  Still, when the wind picked up I used it as a little time at the practice range.  I worked on the timing of my haul, the tightness of my loops, the accuracy of the cast… some were better than others, but it was good to get some stick time.

A bonus… there are fish at the practice range.

Not a bonefish.

I was thinking about Sandy Moret and his comments about people not putting in the time work on their casting.  I probably need to actually work with an instructor a bit, something I haven’t done for about a decade.  I’m hoping my next trip doesn’t have any forehead smacking casts.