Sep 10

A BVI First Bonefish Vid

Thanks Youtube for this little gem.  The sound track is disabled (Youtube, that sucks).  This is a first bonefish, unguided, after days of effort.  That feels about right.


As an aside, my little girl starts pre-school today.

Aug 10

Lost bonefish from BVI

“Thoughts from the Flats,” a blog from BVI.  A good read.

Then on the way back to the kayak only ten feet from the missus, who was looking at me and taking photos, I saw a huge bone, at least 8 pounds.

via Thoughts from the flats….: Lost bonefish and very spooky permit.

Aug 10

Even the Huffington Post digs bonefish

The Huffington Post just posted the “10 Best Undiscovered Paradises.”  On the list was  Anegada in the British Virgin Islands, partly because of the “significant bonefish population.”  The British Virgin Islands are in much better bonefishing shape than the US Virgin Islands, which had netting and overfishing that pretty much FUBARed the bonefish stocks.

There are at least two more islands on the list that probably have bonefish.  The rest… what point is an island if it doesn’t have bonefish?  We should probably store nuclear waste there or put terrorists there or something.  Just say’n.

The slideshow is kind of annoying, at least on my little netb0ok.

A small airport and ferry service makes getting here fairly easy, but Anegada still feels a world away. The only coral island in the volcanic BVI chain, this island is a haven for beach bums, fly-fishermen, and wildlife enthusiasts alike. The island boasts white-sand beaches, a significant bonefish population, and large salt ponds and exotic birds.

via 10 Best Undiscovered Island Paradises (PHOTOS, POLL).


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Jun 10

New Bonefishy Blog from BVI

Don’t know how I missed it, Google Alerts and all, but a new flats/bonefish blog has popped up, Thoughts From the Flats, out of the British Virgin Islands.


The British Virgin Islands have plenty of the Gray Ghosts as opposed to the non-British Virgin Islands, which mostly don’t (or at least not in numbers that merit going there and targeting them exclusively… from what I’ve been told by folks that would know).

Here’s the most recent story out of BVI.

Alexander Davidson is the author and the blog has been up since February.

BVI Bone

Oct 09

British Virgin Islands Bonefish

Today, I’m fishing… doing something I actually know something about… trout fishing.  I’ll be on the Truckee River throwing streamers trying to fool some brown trout.

This is more on-topic… some BVI bonefish action.