Nov 12

Aquarium Visit

Love going to the aquarium… ya know… for the girl. The California Academy of Sciences is the place that we have a membership to. When I was doing the whole Stay-At-Home dad we went to the Academy a lot. These days that pesky work gets in the way.  Today though, we had some time and we headed off to the aquarium, grandparents in tow.

One very interesting part of this aquarium is right in the front door, a tank with the newly renowned Indo-Pacific Permit, also known as the Snub Nosed Pomapano.

That shadow is a pretty classic silhouette.

I’m pretty sure Jim Klug is catching these riiiiiight now over at St. Brandon’s Atoll.

Cool fish. They are in a tank with some rays and some Black Tip Reef Sharks. There used to be some baby tarpon in here, but the Reefers ate them. I do love seeing them though, cruising like mo-fo’s ruling the joint. One of the sharks even chased a Cow Nosed Ray around for a bit. I think they were a tad hungry.

Safe to say, we had a good time.  There is a tarpon in another exhibit here, so that makes 2/3 for a grand slam. Only missing a bonefish.

You have a favorite aquarium?

What it’s about.