Mar 13

Empire of Blue Water

I love Audible. I drive a lot, about 2K miles a month, and I spend almost all of that time in mind-numbing traffic. In prep for the upcoming Bahamas trip I figured I’d do a little listening about Pirates.

I’m listening to Empire of Blue Water, a book about the famed Capt. Morgan (yeah, he’s more than just a spiced rum). Pretty interesting to hear about sailors plying the Caribbean in the 1600’s and 1700’s. Port Royal, Hispaniola, Nassau, the Spanish Main… pretty interesting to learn a little more about the history of these places.

Captain Morgan, the Pirate

Captain Morgan, the Pirate

Other favorites on my drives as of late have been the works of Carl Hiaasen. His books are rooted in Florida, the Everglades a common character, and while they are not “fishing” books, they usually have fishing in the background somewhere, a part of the landscape. His messages are about pollution and corruption and salvation and hope. Really good stuff and I’m amazed it took me so long to find him. I mean… he was Angler of the Year in 2012.

You reading anything remotely fly fishing or bonefish related?