Dec 09

Cattaraugus Creek Outfitters = value

Merry Christmas all.  I hope you got lots of good bonefishy shwag.  If you were really good, maybe you got a Cattaraugus Creek Outfitters trip wrapped up under the tree.

Some of the best values in destination bonefishing these days are being dealt out by Cattaraugus Creek Outfitters.  I was looking at their DIY/Hosted options, but couldn’t get the flights to work.  They are on my radar for the future.

Here is an update from Vince, owner/operator of Cattaraugus Creek.

The cost of these trips is the same as if you booked them directly with the lodges. The benefits of going with our group and a host:

*If you’re a single angler, we match you up with another angler so you get the double occupancy rate, and save a bunch of $. We do our best to match you up with someone you’ll be compatible with.

*Our host always brings extra gear (rods, reels, flies, leaders, tippet) just in case. You never have to worry about breaking a rod and being unprepared—we’ve got you covered. If you just want to try out new gear, or don’t want to buy that 10 wt just for the trip, you can use ours for the week.

*We provide a complimentary fly box and a good selection of productive flies for the destination you are visiting. Plus, we’ll have extras in case anyone runs out during the week.

*If you want help with your casting, or want to learn some new knots, we’ll help.

*Our host is there to ensure everything goes smoothly, from making sure everyone has the beverage they want in the cooler for lunch to assisting with rigging your rod and being prepared for your day on the flats.

Turneffe flats lodge, Belize

Turneffe Flats Lodge, Belize (February 13-20, 2010)
great couples trip and also for serious anglers–lots of bonefish and permit, with some tarpon, plus lots to do for the non-angler.
7 Nights/6 Days Fishing (Double Occupancy): $3,900./person (these are the 2009 rates!)

Grey’s Point Lodge, Acklins Island, Bahamas (February 13-20, 2010)
an old favorite of ours located directly on bonefish flats, with lots of great bonefishing and beautiful wading flats very close by. $2895/week double occupancy, fully guided, lodging and meals

Gems @ Paradise Lodge, Long Island, Bahamas (March 6-13, 2010) a great value in bonefishing on beautiful Long Island, Bahamas offering superb wading for bones. Brand new lodge right on the water.
$2250/week, double occupancy, fully guided, lodging and meals

Acklins Island, Bahamas hosted DIY trip (March 13-20, 2010) FULL
Hosted do-it-yourself angling in remote location on beautiful Acklins Island-our fourth year here.
$1750/week, includes your oceanfront hotel, all your meals, maps and kayaks

Eleuthera, Bahamas hosted DIY trip (April 17-24, 2010) FULL
Hosted do-it-yourself angling on a quaint island; great for families too–our tenth year here
$1750/week, includes your oceanfront hotel, all your meals, vehicle, maps

Turneffe Flats Lodge, Belize (May 15-22, 2010)returning again when the big tarpon come out in May, along with the usual bones and permit–a great time for a grand slam!

For more information, go to the Cattaraugus Creek Outfitters website.

Sep 09

2010 Bonefishing Trip Planning

I am still looking for where exactly I’ll be headed for my 2010 Bonefishing trip.  I had been looking at the Name Removed out of Miami (his rates are pretty hard to beat), but in the end, I need to catch fish and the FL bonefish game just seems a bit too iffy for my taste (at least at this stage of my fixation).  I’m going to keep him in mind for the future…  that future being after 2010.

A reader I’ve been exchanging emails with had a list of low-cost options that included an outfitter with several budget bonefish destinations.  The operation is Cattaraugus Creek Outfitter.  They have packages on Acklins and Eleuthera that both sound pretty good.  Acklins takes a little too long to get to, so I was keen on the Eleuthera option.  Eleuthera is known as a DIY island. It’s a long island with lots and lots and lots of flats the self-guided angler can walk out on.  Cattaraugus Creek would get on the phone with you before your trip and Google Earth you onto some promising spots.  Their package includes lodging, meals and rental car with prices from $1,500 to $750 for a 7 day trip.  Shorter stays are possible.  I emailed with Vince at Cattaraugus and he was very willing to work with me on a shorter trip and gave good advice.

I was ready to hit the “go” button but the airfare sitch has tanked that particular effort.  I’m using frequent flier miles and it did not seem that there was a way to get to Eleuthera with my Alaska Airline miles (they have relationships with lots of carriers, like Denta and Continental).  In looked like I was going to have to burn a day in Nassau either coming or going and maybe  both.  That cuts too much into on-the-flats time.  I need to be fishing the day after I depart and I need to be home the same day I start my return.  Why it costs $350 to get from Miami to Eleuthera I have no idea.

Oh Grand Bahama, I think I’m coming back!