Sep 11

Bonefish Flat talks to Chris Peterson

The Bonefish Flat beat me to this one. I had emailed with Chris from Hell’s Bay ages ago about doing an interview, but it just never happened.  I dropped the ball on that as other things came up.  Glad to see The Bonefish Flat picked up the interview.

Good stuff.

Hell’s Bay doesn’t compromise on ANYTHING.  We use the best available materials.  You can always cheapen things up, but we never take short cuts by using cheaper materials or cutting corners.   You won’t see raw glass on a Hell’s Bay, everything is sanded and finished.  Places on the boat you will never see will get a good finish.  This is a better way to build it, giving the owner another layer of protection.  Yvon Choinard, owner of Patagonia, was once asked why he doesn’t make a product you could buy at Wal-Mart.  He responded, “Lots of people could build a cheaper product.  We build it the best way we can and we never skimp on quality.”