May 10

Tying and whatnot

I’ve been tying at the vice, putting together some clousers for my old fly shop, Off the Hook.  It is fun to play around with materials and the clouser is pretty much ideal for throwing in a different material here or there.  I tied up this and I nearly bit the thing myself.  I’m hardly the first person to throw some bunny in a clouser, but damn… I think they look good, even if they aren’t really bonefish fare.

mmmmm.... delicious...

I’m not a detail oriented person, which makes fly tying an odd hobby for me.  Still… there is something contemplative about it and something… well… almost fun about it.  Now, I’m not a commercial tyer and if I had to tie a couple hundred of a single pattern I’d probably want to set my tying desk on fire, but as is… it’s nice.

Hard at... well... not "work"

Mar 10

Chernobyl Saltwater Flies

I have no idea if this emerging concept in fly tying carries over to the world of bonefishing.  I have some reason to think it doesn’t, but the idea of a fly that works when nature turns the lights out has me intrigued.  At my local fly shop I saw some glow-in-the-dark materials… flashabou and EP fibers.  I bought them, having no idea what I’d actually do with them, but powerless to resist.

Just as I’m trying to wrap my mind around the possibilities I get the new issue of Flyfishing in Saltwaters which has has the Neon Knight highlighted, a glowing saltwater fly.  Looking around the intertubes I found more materials and even glow in the dark head cement.

I’m headed to Mexico soon, Pacific side, no bones, but some Jack Crevalle, maybe some snook and precious few fishing hours (family trip, not fishing trip).  However… if I can fish after my daughter goes to sleep… well… this would be good news.  How much sleep do I really need… really?

Just in case it might work for bones… here’s what it might look like…

In the light...

Chernobyl Gotcha

Now… non-bonefish applications are probably the most reasonable…

White Clouser in the light

See… now this is where it  gets interesting…

Chernobyl Clouser

If anyone wants to TRY that Chernobyl Gotcha… let me know… I’ll send one to you, but you have to promise to try it and let me/us know how it goes.