Jul 11

Oh Mexico – Cozumel.

Mexico is nice. I like it there.  I haven’t fished for bones there, sadly. My time has been spent throwing for Jacks on the Pacific side of things.  I’d love to fish the bonefishy side though and this little vid is a nice invitation to check out Cozumel.

Aug 10

A little story about Cozumel fly fishing

Basically, if you are going to head to Cancun or Cozumel, bring a rod… just bring a rod!

Enrique, hopped out and indicated for me to get my gear ready which I quickly did. Enrique closely inspected all my knots and then wanted to see my fly box. He chose a size 8 tan Crazy Charlie and knotted it on with a non slip loop knot. The speed with which he did this told me I was in good hands.

via Cozumel & Cancun Flats Guiding & Offshore Fishing – A Cozumel Bonefishing Adventure.

Apr 10

Cozumel Bonefish Vid

A nice little vid featuring bonefishing around Cozumel… one of those places you might head with the family for vacation… bring your rod!

Oh bonefish… I wish you lived with carp and stripers.  Just say’n.

Dec 09

Cozumel Bonefishing – Oregon perspective

The Caddis Fly Shop in Eugene, Oregon… sounds like a nice,wet, cool place to be from.  Turns out November is a slow month at the shop and it also turns out that the owner headed to Playa Del Carmen for a family trip.  From there, a ferry ride to Cozumel and, to his surprise, some good fishing.

Now, this is one of those things that folks with families should keep in mind… you very well may find yourself in Cancun or Playa Del Carmen on some family vacation.  You may, in the midst of packing for this family vacation wonder “should I bring my rod along?”

“Yes” is the answer.  This also turns out to be the answer if you are headed to Hawaii (minus Maui), Vallarta (although not for bones) or many, many other places.  Bring the rod.  Bring the rod.  Say it with me, “Bring  the rod.”

Here’s why…

A Caddis Fly Shop Cozumel Bonefish, with permission from The Caddis Fly Shop