Mar 11

Andros… pics… goodness

A little goodness from Deneki and Andros South.

Dick Pitini is a great guy who loves fly fishing and loves taking pictures. He fishes with us at Andros South, and he’s kind enough to send us some images afterwards!

via Flats Skiff | Fishing on Andros Island.

Photos from Dick Pitini.

I’ll be there this time next week.



To draw a really clear distinction between where I’m at now, and where I’ll be in a week, I went to the San Jose Earthquakes home opener last night.  It was raining… hard.  It was cold.  It was kind of miserable.  To make it worse, they lost.

I did think (often) about how nice it is going to be in Andros.  Yeah… I’m looking forward to it.

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