Dec 09

Dominican Republic Bonefish… where are you?

Well, if you look at where the Dominican Republic is, you might assume that bonefish and other in-shore species might be in the offing.  If you KNOW there are bonefish and other in-shore species in the DR… well… you aren’t telling anyone.  From trip reports I’ve found, the DR looks like a skip. Might be a pretty place, but doesn’t seem to hold much for the in-shore angler.

DR Bonefish Fail from Flytalk

DR Bonefish Fail from  Reel-Time

Sportsman’s Resource has this to say about the DR:

The Dominican Republic offers the sportfishing enthusiast excellent saltwater fishing. Offshore, the Mona Passage, Caribbean Sea, and Atlantic Ocean offer opportunities for anglers to catch marlin, sailfish, tuna, wahoo, dolphin, kingfish, red snapper, grouper, and more. Inshore, the flats along the beaches of the Dominican Republic are a haven for bonefish, tarpon, and permit.

So… maybe they are there, but the casual observer or family-vacationing angler seems to have a hard time finding them.

Oh Dominican Republic... where are your bonefish?

Oh Dominican Republic… where are your bonefish?

Why the DR doesn’t seem to have a bonefish in numbers great enough to support a fly fishing foothold is a good question and an open one from what I’ve seen.  Poverty can’t really be the answer… bonefish live and flourish in plenty of poor places.  So… what is it?