Aug 16

Grab Bag from 30K Feet

I’m in the air right now on my way to New Orleans, where I’ll primarily be sweating, as well as doing some work. Fishing is not on the agenda, sadly.

So, a few things I’ve seen bouncing around to share with you good (I’m guessing here) people.

First. The Double Haul. Here’s a video about doing it. If you are at the beginning of your bonefishing journey, you really, really need to pick up this skill. It is key. I’ve seen otherwise great anglers fall apart in a boat with bonefish in front of them, the will to make it happen, but lacking the casting ability to cast into a 15 mph wind. Don’t let that be you.

Here’s a story about tarpon fishing in the Washington Post. I love to see our sport go mainstream.

That’s all for now.

Mar 12

Flatswalker does the Double Haul

Davin over at Flatswalker not only has a pretty fantastic blog (one of my consistent favorites), but he also has some knowledge to drop.

Pretty cool.

Dec 10

Mel talking double haul

Mel Krieger talking about doing the double haul.  Pretty hard to get out on the flats without a double-haul.  This is not a recent video, of course.  Mel passed away back in 2008.  Seemed like a really good guy, from what I heard about him.  I know I saw him at a couple different shows over the years. Those than knew him still talk warmly about him.