Nov 12

A word on Mexico

I used to go down to Mexico a bit. Really, I’d be there once or twice a year in Vallarta with the fam. I’m divorced from the Vallarta experience now, but I still have a soft spot for Mexico and think often about heading down to the Caribbean side of things to find some bonefish and tarpon to throw a fly at.

Some up here North of the Border have an impression that Mexico is dangerous. “The drug violence!” they cry.

Well, Mexico can be dangerous, if you are are running drugs along the border. Don’t run drugs along the border. In fact, just don’t run drugs.

You avoid running drugs and Mexico all of a sudden is a much, much safer place.

Check out the Yucatan there. There really have not been that many drug related deaths in all of Yucatan and I have a feeling fly fishing anglers are not a target of the drug cartels. The violence is not indiscriminate. In fact, it is very, very discriminate. Drug gangs vs. drug gangs, not drug gangs vs. bonefisherman.

In short… you can go to Mexico without being worried about drug violence. Don’t get overconfident though, you still shouldn’t drink the water.