Dec 09

20 pound bonefish from Dubai??? WTF?

Credit worries about Dubia have driven the British Pound to it’s lowest level in recent times… or, that’s the headline I just saw.  That’s probably important in some way to lots and lots of people.  I am not one of those people.

What does interest me about Dubia is  the rumor of a 20 pound bonefish being caught there a few years back.  See… now THAT I find real interesting.

Here is an account of the big, bad bonefish.

Of course, rumors of 20 pounders surface here and there… read a back-and-forth from Hawaii about a rumored 20 pounder made into fish cakes.  Heard rumors of massive bonefish spotted but not caught in New Caledonia.  Florida posts a LOT of the line class bonefish records.  The current record fish comes from South Africa and it probably was not a total aberration.  So, there are plenty of places out there that could post that elusive 20 pounder.

But Dubia?  Land of the artificial  islands and monster/silly towers of metal and glass?  Really?

I wonder if you can spot bonefish from that.

I wonder if you can spot bonefish from that.

I guess the answer is… maybe.

Ocean Active offers some fly fishing charters.  I have no idea who they are.