May 13

Etsy goodness

I like the whole idea of Etsy. Real people making real stuff. Some of it sucks, but a lot of it is just fantastic not-from-a-big-box goodness.

I thought I’d highlight a few bonefish related items from Etsy here. Maybe I’ll convert one of two of you into a customer. I have no financial stake, I just like this sort of thing.

A cool bonefish wooden sculpture for $130. Well done, I’d say.



A cool bonefish print called “Off Big Pine” done by Jonathan Marquardt. $60.

bonefish art

I like this.

A cool Bahamian bonefish coin cut into a necklace. This is only $16.

Cool idea.

Cool idea.

People making things. I guess they still do it. Not everything comes off an assembly line and not one of these things has been made by a 3-D printer. I like it.