Nov 11

TFM gets a tour of Ross

A cool post over at the Fiberglass Manifesto involves a tour of the Ross factory as an F1 reel gets assembled.

Aug 10

Fiberglass for Bones

(First, just a note, you can be entered to win some Skinny Water Culture gear by emailing me the account of your first bonefish. bonefishonthebrain@gmail.com)

The Fiberglass Manifesto put up a great little story  about fishing glass for bonefish.  It is worth a read.

Old School

You can catch bones with this rig.

The first fly rod I ever cast was a Fenwick 9 weight.  I had no idea what I was doing.  I bounced a Silver Hilton off the back of my head several times.  How I didn’t hook myself, I have no idea. No steelhead were harmed in that first foray into fly fishing, despite a good effort.

Now, I fish the fast stuff.  However, I really appreciate a guy reminding us all that you can catch a fish on a rod as old as I am and a reel whose design hasn’t changed since WW II (WW I?).