Mar 10

Things That Suck… Sharkskin Lines

I’m sure there are some people out there that loves these lines… they may even have a fan club with a special handshake and membership cards.  However, everyone I’ve ever talked to that has fished them thinks they suck.  A good friend was telling the story of bonefish in a location that were so spooky they would scatter if they heard the fly line being stripped against guides and would run like hell if they heard someone casting a Sharkskin line.  Those are some spooky fish.

I found this bunch of reviews and thoughts on FishandFlies… after the first few good words it got bad for Sharkskin.  Avoid this product, I’d say.

Don’t do it.

Feb 10

Well Spotted, Fishing Jones…

Today, via Twitter, Fishing Jones spotted a story on Flies and Fins about a little bonefish action.

I stopped breathing as, “Tap” was felt. I drew the line tight for a millisecond, afterwards line ripping began through my hands. The world came back to me as I realized that I was connected to a bonefish.

Flies and Fins goodness

Check out the story.  Good stuff.