Jul 14

The hardest part is getting there

International flights… they eat up a seriously large portion of the budget, even if the hop from FL to Grand Bahama is pretty short, it adds up.

So, some good news on that front. Southwest is adding flights to the Bahamas. By “the Bahamas” I’m only talking about Nassau, nothing to Grand Bahama and certainly not the out islands, but Nassau is the gateway to the Family Islands, so that’s a good thing.

southwest airlines logo

Hopefully, the “Southwest effect” hits the flights from other carriers and they allllll drop a bit. That’s what happens in the US when Southwest enters a market, so it is hoped the same thing happens for flights to the Caribbean.

Currently, the only Bahamas flight is from Baltimore to Nassua, although other US cities are being looked at as well.

I tried to reserve a flight to see what it all costs and couldn’t get a flight from SFO (or other Bay Area flights), but if I played with the dates I could see a flight from Baltimore to Nassau for about $275, which isn’t bad. Room to improve.

Who do you fly when you go to the Bahamas?

Jul 10

Christmas Island Flights Resume – Fiji Times Online

Air Pacific resumed flights to Christmas Island this week after two years. The inaugural flight was received with joy and relief as businesses, particularly the tourism industry, was affected by the absence of international flights.

via New flight gains – Fiji Times Online.

This means those Christmas Island bones just got a little bit easier to get to.