Apr 10

I always confuse striper with stripper…

This sort of confusion is bad when writing to my wife about my fishing, although it has never been a problem until today, when I caught my first striper, even though I was fishing for Surf Perch.

Went out with Derek to try Surf Perch for the first time and we managed just one fish… my striper.  This was not a “big” fish… this was what I think they call a schoolie, but still, it is my first striper.

Turns out fly fishing in the surf near Santa Cruz is kind of crazy… just one big set of waves after another all starting out higher than your head.  There is a small window between sets for things like casting/fishing before the next wall of water comes and tries to slap you in the nads.

This is not the quiet solitude of the flats or the rugged wilderness of my trout streams.  One must be aware of joggers, dogs and beach strollers who want to do nothing more than stop and watch you cast… stand right behind you while you throw a T-300 with a couple of weighted flies.  I guess you don’t really understand the danger unless you’ve had a few weighted flies bounced off your cranium (or stick in it).

Derek, trying not to die.

My first striper and my first surf fly fishing catch.

(the fish buried its tail in sand, by the way)

I’ll be back and I’ll be reading up because it is clear I have A LOT left to learn.