Jun 14

Rethinking flies

I’ve been rethinking some of my bonefish flies. Normally, I love a bit of rubber legs, some embellishment, some movement. However, I’ve come to worry a bit about fouling. I’m thinking it does little good to tie up a fancy fly that fouls and swims wrong and freaks out the fish you made said fancy fly for in the first place.

Flies are designed to catch fisherman, not really to catch fish, it has been said. I tend to agree with this. Presentation has a lot more to do with catching than fly design, at least in most places and in most situations.

I’d love to hear from you guys. Fouling an issue? Do you think about that as you build your speculative patterns? Do you put movement in the fly in a way so it won’t foul?

That's a lot of fur and thread.

That’s a lot of fur and thread.